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Global Markets Club is the only platform out there that works in a professional way to find and provide alternative investment solutions to those seeking reliable and rewarding online solutions to earn money. We are not a broker and we are in no way directly associated with any brokerage firm.

We created the club because we wanted to make successful investment alternatives accessible and easy to anyone by building a community to regroup people of the same interest.

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At Global Markets Club we find and bring you different investment alternatives based on your financial needs and interest.
Something has value as long as it is able to serve. We test all investment plans to make sure it works before offering it to you.
Our aim at the club is to always introduce new or improved services. Forget about investment conventional methods. We believe you deserve more than that!

Our Culture

The core principles that guide the way we do business

We are a problem solver

Looking to turn your trading ideas into reality? We are here to help you invest with confidence to achieve your goals.

We are transparent

No one likes being kept in the dark. Therefore, at Global Markets Club we believe in providing our members with credible and reliable information on the investment offers.

We are adaptable

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. How well we adapt in this forever changing world determine our success and that of our members. This is why we always adapt our investment offer based on industry trends.

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