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Who is Markets.Online?

Online regulated broker
Established in 2017
Your assigned trading platform where trades will be placed
Algorithms will use the real data on Markets.Online to trade

How to get started?

Open a broker account.
Fund your broker account with a minimum of $250
Get the $20,000 included in your premium package to start using Algorithmic trading

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Once you open and fund your account, you will get your premium Algorithmic trading package with $20,000 to start.
  14 Days
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Redeem Profits to a Real Account

Redeeming profits transfer the gains made by the algorithms in a real broker account. You can only redeem the account with the highest profit.

How does it work?

You are eligible to redeem your profits 6 days after you activate your offers. This gives the algorithms enough time to plough the financial markets and give you the best results.

A minimum of $250 is required for the redeeming feature to work.

A redeem request will notify us that you would like to create a real account with the accumulated profits.
A telephonic conversation with an account representative is compulsory to validate your redeem request.


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Redeeming profits will automatically create your real account and notify your broker.


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This is an important step in the redeem process because the account representative will need your consent to open and fund your account.



Once your real account is set up, you can choose to have the algorithms work for you and make profits.

Need help with redeeming your profits?

We can assist you with the transfer request, please send an email on
[email protected] or chat with us, we will be glad to help you.

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What happens next ?

Now that your real account is fully set up, you can log in to your broker to start trading.

Should you need any help trading, please get in touch with your agent at for immediate assistance.


What happens next ?

An account representative will get in touch with you shortly to create your real account and credit your profits.

If you won’t be able to attend the call right now please request a callback.

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What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading is an automated trading system that can be used to automatically invest in the financial market. Considered to be one of the most reliable ways of earning money via online trading, Algorithmic Trading is on its way to becoming one of the most popular investment concepts.

  • Trades executed at the best possible prices
  • Instant and accurate trade order placement
  • Reduced risk of manual errors in trading
  • Simultaneous automated checks on multiple market conditions
  • Reduced possibility of mistakes by human traders based on emotional and psychological factors
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